New KatMovieHD Proxy Sites List 2024

KatMovieHD is a piracy website. It is a free service provider. It hosts multiple tv shows and movies. KatMovieHD is a popular website despite being illegal. Everyday hundreds of thousands of users visit the website. It has multiple genres. It has new tv shows and web series. Today, KatMovieHD has been blocked. It went underway as a result of the anti-piracy laws. The government took action to shut down the servers.

Now, we have KatMovieHD proxy websites. They are available online. There are multiple websites hosting similar content. The following article explores the various facts regarding the KatMovieHD proxy. It discusses what a proxy is and how it works. It also lists multiple proxy websites.

Information About KatMovieHD

KatMovieHD is a popular website that was founded some years ago. It hosts all the popular and latest movies and tv shows from Bollywood and Hollywood. It is a piracy website. It is illegal to use the website under anti-piracy laws. KatMovieHD still enjoyed phenomenal web traffic. It being free was one of the leading causes behind it. Today, KatMovieHD has been taken down due to government efforts. There are now proxies available on the website. It has Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam language movies also available.

KatMovieHD has become one of the leading websites in the Asian region. It showcased content in multiple formats and sizes. It has different genres and a search box where users can quickly find their favourite shows. With the multiple proxies, KatMovieHD has made a comeback.

What is the KatMovieHD Proxy?

KatMovieHD proxy is a streaming platform. It has tv shows, movies, and web series. It has the latest products and is popular amongst netizens. The website is free to use. It is a piracy website. It has all the content from the older KatMovieHD. As a proxy website, the site is hosted on multiple servers. It has different IP addresses. The website has shows from Bollywood and Hollywood. Now, it also hosts series from regional languages.

KatMovieHD provides users with a safe IP address they can access to watch shows online. Although illegal, it is still safer to visit a proxy website than the original KatMovieHD. There is quality content available on these proxy sites. The government can’t easily take actions against such sites, as there are simply many IP addresses available on the internet simultaneously. These sites can also easily change servers and IP addresses and thus remain virtually safe from the law.

How Does the KatMovieHD Proxy Work?

KatMovieHD proxy is similar to other proxy websites. It is a routing service that hides your traffic behind remote servers. It connects to the internet using proxies, hence the name. The proxy allows the user to obtain a fake IP address and use it for internet browsing. It helps not only with hiding your browsing sessions, but also in bypassing geo-blocks placed on websites. Those who want to use a proxy should:

  • First, select a working KatMovieHD proxy from the list provided here.
  • Then go to your web browser.
  • Now, enter the web address in the URL bar and hit enter.
  • The browser will bypass the DNS of your ISP and route the traffic to the proxy server.
  • The remote server will then connect to the website in such a way that the traffic will appear to originate from some place else.
  • Thus, you will be able to unblock KatMovieHD.

KatMovieHD Proxy List Sites 2024

KatMovieHD has different proxy websites on the internet. It was initially one of the biggest illegal streaming websites. After its fall, although many believed it to be over, the site still remains a top choice for users who want access to free web series and movies. The proxies also enjoy heavy traffic regularly. They also update their content to host some of the latest TV shows and films from Hollywood and Bollywood.

The list mentioned here is a working list of available KatMovieHD proxies on the web. Users can find a live link here and use it accordingly. If a link is dead, users do not have to worry, as we will be updating the list regularly to feature more and more proxies.

KatMovieHD Mirror List Sites 2024

KatMovieHD Mirrors

KatMovieHD mirrors are also available on the web. They are similar to proxy sites in that they also have the same content. But they do not offer any additional security. Mirrors are typical websites. They are simply copies of an existing website. Although hosted on different servers with multiple IP addresses, they are harder to take down and still function normally.

KatMovieHD hosts tv shows, movies, films, and web series. They are free to use. They are piracy websites. We have included a list of working KatMovieHD mirror websites for our users to choose from.

Warning: Torrenting websites have pirated copies of the original websites. Uploading, downloading, or sharing pirated copies of the content infringes a legal right called intellectual property right. The listicle is just for educational purposes only. Here we don’t encourage pirated content leading to illegal activities.

S. No. Working KatMovieHD Mirrors Status
1 Online
2 Online
3 Online
4 Online
5 Online
6 Online
7 Online
8 Online
9 Online
10 Online
11 Offline
12 Offline
13 https://katmoviehd.wp Offline
14 Offline
15 Offline

How Do I Download Movies from KatMovieHD Proxy?

In order to download movies from KatMovieHD, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • First, choose a working proxy website from the list provided here.
  • Then enter the web address in the URL box of a web browser and press enter.
  • Now, search for the movie of your choice and click on the title.
  • Then scroll down and click on Download.
  • Choose the file quality and let the download begin.

KatMovieHD Proxy Sites Not Working?

There are times when the KatMovieHD website is not working. It can happen for several reasons. These reasons are:

Government Takedown – The sites might have been taken down as a result of government interference. Since these sites are hosting copyrighted content, they are illegal and in defiance of the anti-piracy laws. Thus, authorities can take action to take down such websites.

Server Trouble – Often times the websites are hosted on obscure servers in remote locations which can lead to server trouble. If the server is experiencing any issues it can lead to website failure.

Bad Internet Connection – Yes, your internet can also be the cause behind KatMovieHD not working. Poor or bad internet can cause websites to fail to load.

How to Unblock the KatMovieHD Website?

It is also true that you can unblock the KatMovieHD website despite it being blocked. Here are two distinct methods to do so.


The first is the VPN. Many people are already familiar with VPNs. Even if they aren’t, they must have heard the name somewhere. A VPN is a technology that allows the user to connect to the internet privately and securely. It allows the user to connect to a remote server, and by hiding behind the server, the user can safely access the internet. VPNs use advanced protection technologies such as encryption and tunneling to protect your data. It also has an obfuscation feature that allows you to bypass internet blocks.

Using a VPN is pretty simple. Here’s how you can do so:

  • First, make sure to get a VPN subscription. We recommend using a premium service, as free VPNs are troublesome and not consistent in their service.
  • After going to a VPN provider’s website and purchasing its subscription, download the VPN client for your device. Most providers offer VPN apps for multiple devices, including Windows, macOS, iOS, Linux, and Android.
  • After you have downloaded the app, install it according to the instructions provided on the VPN website. It is easy to install a VPN.
  • Now all you have to do is login to your VPN and connect to a server. And for that, simply click on the power button icon.


Similar to VPN we have Tor which is based on onion routing. It is also a private network that routes your data via multiple private and remote nodes before connecting to the website. Tor is not as secure as VPN because it is a network and not a complete app, however it is capable enough to bypass geo-blocks on most websites. Also, it is free to use. Using Tor is simple:

  • First, go to the internet and download the Tor Browser.
  • Now install it on your device and launch it.
  • Finally, enter the web address in the Tor search bar and you are good to go.

Alternatives of the KatMovieHD Proxy

While KatMovieHD is a prominent website, there are still worthy alternatives available if you can’t seem to make it work. These alternatives are in no way inferior to the KatMovieHD proxy and work fine. You can find the list of alternatives below:

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