New ExtraTorrents Proxy Sites List February 2024 {Updated}

ExtraTorrents is a popular torrenting website famous for hosting digital content from all over the globe. At one time, it had more daily visitors than the all-time favorite Kickass Torrents. The website had links to new movies and tv shows, games, and anime content. It offered the services for free as it was a pirate website. Sadly, the site was taken down following complaints from copyright holders under the anti-piracy law. The following article explores the ExtraTorrents website and its proxies in depth while providing various solutions to some of the problems faced by proxy users.

What is ExtraTorrents Proxy?

ExtraTorrents Proxy is a torrenting website that is a proxy for the original ExtraTorrents. It has all the latest TV shows and films for daily users. It is a free service that hosts content from all over the world. The site is a pirate website, though. It has been blocked multiple times. The ExtraTorrents proxy still remains one of the easiest methods to gain access to the now-extinct website. It is also relatively safer to use.

The proxy website utilizes different servers and IP addresses to route your traffic through the internet. It hosts illegal content but is still relatively safe to visit as there are multiple ExtraTorrents proxies available. The website doesn’t compromise on the quality of the content. TV shows and movies available on the website are in multiple sizes and formats, catering to everyone’s needs. It uses multiple IPs and servers. It is hard to track all of them, so the government can’t take action against each and every site.

How Do ExtraTorrents Proxy Websites Work?

ExtraTorrents proxy works like any other website on the internet. However, unlike simple websites, when you try to connect to a proxy website, it first routes your data to a different server and then connects. In doing so, the proxy website hides the real IP address behind the IP of the server. It is much safer than traditional torrent websites and is also capable of bypassing geo-blocks. If you want to use the ExtraTorrents proxy, follow the steps prescribed below:

  • First, launch a web browser and enter the web address of an ExtraTorrents proxy in the URL bar.
  • Then hit enter.
  • Your web browser will bypass your DNS and contact a remote server.
  • The server will now contact the proxy website and relay information back to the browser for you to view.
  • After that, you can use the website normally.

ExtraTorrents Proxy List Feb. 2024 [Updated]

Those wondering how to use ExtraTorrents would require an active proxy website. There are several working IP addresses on the internet that can take you to the ExtraTorrents proxy website. On these websites, you can find your favorite tv shows and movies. You can use the website for free, as all the proxy websites on ExtraTorrents host pirated content. Due to this, these websites do not charge for their services.

There are several such websites on the internet. You can do a quick Google search to find such websites. However, we have also included a list of new ExtraTorrents proxies for interested readers. You can simply copy and paste these links and use them accordingly. Beware, though; these sites are illegal. And thus, we recommend using a VPN to browse such websites to protect your online data and identity.

ExtraTorrents Mirror List Feb. 2024 [Updated]

ExtraTorrents mirrors are similar to the original ExtraTorrents website. Mirror websites are copies of the original website. They look and work exactly the same. However, they are also pirated websites and are at risk of government intervention. Every ExtraTorrents mirror has similar content and is free to use.

The following list was created by us and includes various working and new ExtraTorrents mirror website addresses. You can copy and paste these into a web browser to visit them. We also request that our readers report broken or invalid links so that we can promptly remove them and add newer ones.

Warning: Here, we are not recommending the use of torrenting for illegal file-sharing or hacking. Content infringement is an offense of law. So, you should avoid using torrenting websites to download or redistribute content. Torrenting is only legal when redistributing unauthorized content. Readers who are seeking legal action should consult experienced lawyers to understand your state’s laws.

S. No. ExtraTorrents Mirrors Status
1 Online
2 Online
3 Online
4 Online
5 Offline
6 Offline
7 Offline
8 Offline
9 Offline

Why Must One Use ExtraTorrents Proxy Websites?

It is obviously beneficial to use ExtraTorrents proxy websites. Not only are they free to use, but they also host new content and get updated regularly. While the original ExtraTorrents are no longer in use, these proxy websites make for a better alternative for unlocking ExtraTorrents. Here are a few benefits of these websites and why one must use them:

  • Free: The proxy websites are free to use. They are pirated websites. They host illegally obtained copyright materials such as tv shows and films. It is free to use these proxy websites.
  • Easy to Use: Not only free, but these websites are also easier to use. All you have to do is enter the web address in the web browser, and you will be connected to such a website. Unlike other unlocking methods, this one is pretty easy.
  • Access to New and Better Content: You can always get the latest tv shows and movies when you visit such websites.

How to Download from ExtraTorrents Proxy

In order to download from ExtraTorrents proxy, you will need to follow these steps:

  • First, go to a proxy website.
  • Then look for a torrent file of your choice.
  • After that, download the torrent file.
  • Now, launch the torrent downloader software. You can use any BitTorrent client.
  • Finally, you need to run the torrent file in the downloader, and your file will start downloading.

Why Did ExtraTorrents Shut Down?

At one time in the history of the internet, ExtraTorrents was hailed as one of the best torrent websites. Today, many users are unfamiliar with the term “torrent.” And it is because there are so many platforms offering digital content online. However, there was a time when people couldn’t access global tv shows or movies online. And that’s where torrenting websites came in.

These websites used the P2P (peer-to-peer) network sharing system to communicate with each other in a decentralized system to transfer video files. But since these tv shows and movies were protected under copyright, doing so was illegal under the anti-piracy laws. And this was their downfall. Since they allowed users to access such content for free, copyright holders came after them with lawsuits and made the authorities go after such platforms.

In a similar incident, ExtraTorrents was taken down by the authorities as it was hosting illegal copyright content.

How to Unblock ExtraTorrents Website?

ExtraTorrents used to be a popular torrenting website with hundreds of thousands of tv shows, music, films, anime, games, and software. Relying on the P2P network, it was a highly decentralized service with millions of fans and daily users. But the great thing about ExtraTorrents was that it was free. But over time, the site came under fire from the authorities and was taken down or blocked in various regions. Although ExtraTorrents has been blocked in many countries, users can still try to access it if they want. And they can do so by using one of the methods mentioned below.


The first approach utilizes VPNs. These are private and virtual networks that work over the public network to transfer data from one point to another. The technology uses tunneling as it encrypts data behind the latest techniques and uses remote servers to route user data from point A to point B. In doing so, VPNs not only hide the real IP address of a user; they also allow the user to connect to the internet from virtually anywhere in the world without actually relocating in the physical sense. And when the user connects to a website that is banned in his region from somewhere outside, he is able to bypass that block and view the content normally.

Tor Browser

Tor browsers work similarly to VPNs. It’s just that it uses the onion routing technique to route the data through the network. Tor forms a network with every connected user and routes data through every connected node. It is highly anonymous and secure. It’s also equally easy to use Tor.

  • First, install Tor Browser on your device.
  • Launch it and enter the web address of a website in the URL bar.
  • Hit enter, and you are good to go.

Intro of ExtraTorrents Website

ExtraTorrents first made an appearance in 2006 and gradually rose to the top of the torrenting website scene. Over time, it proved itself a reliable source of the latest torrent files and enjoyed heavy daily traffic from millions of users. As such, it was admired by the whole torrent community and was compared to sites like KickAss Torrents. Sadly, after a decade of success, the website started experiencing trouble due to copyright owners.

Since the website was mostly hosting torrents of illegally obtained copyright content, such as tv shows and movies, there were many complaints against it. Hence, it was finally taken down by the authorities, but the site still remains available on the internet in the form of proxies and mirrors. The simple UI and user-friendly categories section are still regarded as some of the best.

Alternatives of ExtraTorrents Website 2024

While we all love and miss ExtraTorrents, there are still enough torrent websites available on the Internet that are decent and capable of replacing the original. Some of these websites are suitable alternatives to ExtraTorrents as they have taken care to create a similar experience for the user. These are:

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