TamilRockers Proxy Sites List 2024 {Updated}

TamilRockers is well-known to be one of the famous movie proxy sites. It was founded in 2011 and since then its leading the race to be number one in the field of movie piracy and torrent websites. Tamilrockers is a torrent platform that permits to download pirated content including TV shows, movies, music, softwares, ebooks and videos. This is also possible with the help of magnet links and torrent files, which bridges together by the assistance of peer-to-peer file sharing. Movie lovers can search for and download copyrighted content through this website.

Movies in various South Indian zoners like Tamil, Malayalam, and Kannada that have been pirated and dubbed can be accessed through this platform, which makes it different and more preferred as compared to others. There is also a versatile collection of latest movies from Hollywood and Bollywood films available. However, the website is also controlled due to concerns about content infringement and legal concerns.

What is TamilRockers Proxy?

Tamilrockers proxy was founded in the year 2019 and gradually took the grace of calls and magnet links. It is even obliged with torrent files to make it easier to download TV shows, movies, etc. These sites assist people in downloading movies even before they got released. At some point this act got appreciated, but the other it even got depleted with legal concerns. Tamilrockers proxy and mirror sites are accessible across the internet to give permanent access of the original files.

Indeed, it has become feasible to get better hold on over official proxy site by using the Tamilrocker proxy sites and VPN services. The best part lies in the matter that it transforms and links original torrent website to pirate the copies of Indian Cinemas. Moreover, Tamil rockers mirror sites hooks up well with quality of highest definition Hollywood movies into other regional languages along with Telugu, Malayalam, and Tamil, Hindi, and the special English audio and proxies may also assist users to avoid ban and provide access to movies.

Working TamilRockers Proxy Sites List 2024 [Updated]

There is a list of finest TamilRockers proxy sites, that are updated regularly and are most known ones to serve in the time of need and demand of movies and TV shows. TamilRockers proxy list provides free advertisements and engagements. By the help of these proxy of tamilrockers sites one can easily unblock tamilrockers original site and enjoy the trails. Anyone can use these Tamilrockers server or mirror sites. These are exact replicas of the original site.

Working TamilRockers Mirror Sites List 2024 [Updated]

TamilRockers was a famous torrenting website that focused primarily on regional content such as tv shows, web series and movies in local languages. It was centred on Indian and Asian content. The website was free to use and was taken down due to hosting illegally obtained piracy materials. However, it was not the end, as there are several TamilRockers mirrors available on the internet. These mirror websites are an exact replica of the original TamilRockers and offer the same services.

TamilRockers Mirrors are still safer than the original one as they are operated through different servers. The following is a list of working TamilRockers mirrors found on the internet. These mirrors are 100% active and can take users to a TamilRockers copy. If any link is supposedly not working, then don’t panic. We will update the list regularly while adding more active links and delisting broken ones.

Warning: Downloading copyrighted content from torrent sites is illegal however torrenting can be legal if downloading non-copyrighted content. Still, you should use such sites at your own risk because chances are these contain viruses or hidden hackers resulting in stealing your private data. It is suggested you know your local laws, rules, and regulations to access content from torrent sites.

S. No. Working Tamilrockers Mirrors Status
1 https://www.1tamilmv.im/ – New URL Online
2 https://tamilmv.unblockit.ing/ – New Online
3 https://5movierulz.gd/ Online
3 https://www.7movierulz.so/ Online
4 https://www.1tamilblasters.tel/ – New Online
4 https://tamilmv.123unblock.art/ Online
5 https://tamilmv.mrunblock.bond/ Online
7 https://tamilmv.proxybit.pics/ Online
8 https://tamilmv.unblockproject.ink/ Online
9 https://tamilrockers.pro/ Offline
10 https://tamilrockers.com/ Offline
11 https://tamilrockers.net/ Offline

Benefits of Using TamilRockers Proxy Sites

  • It gives access to magnet links and allows people to download movies and TV shows even before they release.
  • Movies can be downloaded faster and easier by using TamilRockers proxy sites.
  • It also assists in downloading content anonymously in the background.
  • It allows in downloading movies anonymously without revealing the identity of the viewers and location.

How Does this Tamilrocker Proxy Work?

Tamilrockers publish the pirated content which is illegal, irrespective of the national boundaries. If viewers are keen to watch movies from proxy sites TamilRockers, they can access these platforms on internet by typing in the domain name on browser search address bar. No doubt the act is unlawful, hence the websites frequently change their domain name. With the changed domain name, the pirated movies seem to be drifted from the exact lane, but then it is accessible.

Why is TamilRockers Blocked?

When it comes to recall torrent website Tamilrockers actually rock the show. It is known as one of the most preferred pirated sites, they provides the access of pirated movies before they get released officially. However, as piracy is illegal it is not always in good notes of government and government bans it officially. In this case one cannot open the site, because it is banned it that region. Governments are taking the rights of these sites to uphold their laws and regulations. When it comes to Tamilrockers unblock VPN services are the one that assists in this.

How to Unblock TamilRockers?

Tamilrockers are banned in various parts of the world in various countries. These Tamilrockers otherwise offers movies and TV Shows for free and therefore it holds the high demand in the torrent market. With a lingering notch to get the best facilities out of TamilRockers there are evident ways that facilitates TamilRockers unblock. Here comes the following –

Proxy/Mirror Sites

These are peer-to-peer sites that connects the user’s computer along with that of TamilRockers unblock proxy. These proxy/mirror sites are updated to give exact feel of original site in the areas where original site is ban.


Virtual Private Network are used either in free or in paid version to give control over the ban TamilRockers website. It gives anonymity by securing IP address online. By the access of Virtual Private Network one can access to any banned website in internet service provider or country which ever has banned it as per norms. But, premium Virtual Private Network is having better performance than free VPN and it also serves 24*7.

Tor Browser

Are you wondering for a way to have Tamilrockers proxy unblock? Here comes the solution, in the form of Tor Browser. This allows online web browser and helps users to access the internet anonymously and securely. Along with these it also permits the bypassing control and restrictions from Internet service providers or governments. It allows users to access blocked websites such as Tamil rockers and giving them access to all best known and desired contents without any hold and tracking record of illegality. With Tor Browser, unblock Tamilrockers has become easy without a second thought.


This is the substitute method that modifies the DNS server in internet server and adapts to unblock the Tamil rockers site and enjoy Tamilrockers mirror site. It encompasses all other way to overcome ban and get access to the Tamil rockers. These are the below mentioned steps to use DNS servers to unblock Tamil rockers.

  • Step 1 – Open Ethernet Properties
  • Step 2 – Next, select the option of IPV 4, and click on properties button
  • Step 3 – Enable the selected option to use DNS server addresses
  • Step 4 – Enter in the search box
  • Step 5 – Enter in another DNS server box
  • Step 6 – Once all the changes have been made click on ok button to save the settings.

How to Download Tamilrockers Movies?

Tamilrockers proxy 2023 and other proxy site of Tamilrockers allows downloading movies, web series, or TV serials from TamilRockers easily. Which otherwise would seem to be complex for the new users and also those who are not that familiar with torrents and peer-to-peer sharing. It can also be downloaded through Tamilrocker.unblock.bit. To ease out the process, following instructions favor downloading Tamilrockers movies:

  1. To start with accessing the TamilRockers website one can start search for the actual website on an authentic search engine or else get probed towards VPN (Virtual Private Network) to bypass any blocks by internet service providers.
  2. Once the actual page of TamilRockers website is under access, locate the search button. This button can be used to find the specific movie, web series, or TV serial viewer dreams to download.
  3. Once the desired movie is found select and click on it.
  4. Choose the preferred quality of HD and format by clicking on the corresponding button, one wish to download.
  5. After selecting the HD quality and format, click on the final download button.
  6. The movie you choose will begin downloading in your mobile device, laptop, or personal computer.
  7. The movie will get saved on your device once the download is completed.
  8. After the content is saved, the viewer can enjoy it at his/her own comfort space and time on his/her mobile device, laptop, TV, or personal computer.

However, downloading TamilRockers movies or any other similar piracy website is not appreciated and is legal as it has copyright infringement issues. It is therefore recommended to stand with hard work of film industry by watching movies through legal platforms and services.

What are the Sites Like Tamilrockers?

PR Movies

Pr movies is an online oceanic platform that has a deep crust of movies not only with recent releases, but also with dynamic sections ranging from action to romantic, old to new, suspense to comedy, thriller to horror and many more moving ahead with Hollywood. Winged with multiple languages pr movies has command over heavy and high-quality download of variety of languages inclusive of Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi and even foreign languages. It assists in both browsing directly online and enjoying the movie, or downloading the same in future memory lane to relish your time and experience when free. Unlike other torrent websites taking movie files down gives offline assistance of the same for long term without any commotions.

SSR Movies

SSR Movies has a massive variety of movies that assist in not only free downloading of films and TV series, but also enjoy watching them at our best suitable time. The platforms provide easy to use design that affluence outs the search and save downloaded files at the best place that suits. It assists with the provision of all, may it be high quality HD resolution file or any heavy file of amplifying size. Hence, one need not to ponder upon the most searched keywords, title or tricks that hits the best, as SSR Movies is the one that provides best quality movie and of dynamic nature. Resultantly, it releases load in sense of security or any expected trouble on the way that can glim down the beam of quality.


Tamilmv site is a peer-to-peer torrent network site. It is known for its wide range of network and high-quality entertainment portfolio including movies, TV shows, games, music, etc. It provides assistance to watch Hollywood, Bollywood, Tamil and Telugu movies. Tamilmv is one of the sites which is popular specifically for online pirated south Indian movies.


A Series of variety of movies and TV shows are available on Tamilgun in the form of drama, romance, thriller, comedy, action and suspense. It is known to provide high video quality with fast downloading and a smaller number of unwanted pop-ups. These features turn Tamilgun as the most preferred dias to choose. Resultantly, it owns the tag of one of the most known sites, but there are various notes on torrents and its authenticity, that leads to the hiccups in bite. Thus, proxy sites of same and Virtual Private Networks plays the role to turn the ball into one’s own court.


Launched in 2011 in United Kingdom it is one of the best known as a file hosting index website. Putlocker is used for upheaving entertainment media in the form of films, TV serials, etc. However, by the order of high court in 2016 it got blocked in UK itself. It has changed its domain name along with URL various times to hide its identity. More than 50 mirror sites and proxy sites have been discovered with the linkage of Putlockers.

Extra Sites Like Tamilrockers Website 2024

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